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8° Tango Sea Marathon 2011- Genoa
“LA SANTA” 2011

55 hours of Tango, sun, sea, workshops, shows, live music, gastronomical specialities and a lot of dancing


Sebastian Jimenez and Maria Ines Bogado, World Tango Salon Champions 2010
The singer Pablo Banchero http://www.pablobanchero.c​om/

Theo el Greco and all our resident DJs

Since it was first held the Tango Sea Marathon has always been our closing event before the summer break. The past editions of the Marathon have seen the participation of 250 dancers and the usual venue for our events and weekly milongas, the Milonga Brava, simply couldn't hold us all any more.
This year we felt the need to change the main venue of the Marathon to the wonderful Collegio Emiliani, in Nervi (GE).
We will dance in an open air milonga on a 600 sq m terrace overlooking the sea.


Friday, 15th July
Venue: Collegio Emiliani
Address: Via Provana Di Leyni, 15
16157 Genova – Nervi (GE)

h. 17.30- Welcome reception and check-in for all dancers with cheese and wine tasting guided by the professional sommelier Pino.

h. 18.30 Workshop with Sebastian Jimenez and Maria Ines Bogado – Milonga with Traspie

h. 20.30 – Brava Barbecue on the terrace overlooking the sea (grill meat, side dishes, fruit, water and wine)

It will be possible to make a reservation for the barbecue till Thursday, 21 at 2 pm.

h. 22.30 Open air milonga
All our resident DJs, Sergio Franco Massimo Giovanni and Luca, will alternate during the evening

Guests: Sebastian and Maria Ines

Faitango members: 10€

Saturday 16th of July
Venue: Collegio Emiliani
Address: Via Provana Di Leyni, 15
16157 Genova – Nervi (GE)

h. 18.30 Workshop with Sebastian Jimenez and Maria Ines Bogado: Tango Salon - laps, enrosque, agujas
h.20.30 dinner (Lasagne, second course of cold meat or cold fish with side dishes, fruit, water and wine)

h. 22.00 Open air milonga from night till dawn
DJ Teo el Greco

Price: 17€

Evening shows and treats

h. 0.40 we will offer you the celebrated watermelon cocktail by Giovanni Filocamo.
A recipe created with a secret algorithm

h. 1.30 Pablo Banchero Show. We will dance on the notes of this talented singer

h. 2.00 Show with Sebastian Jimenez and Maria Ines Bogado, Tango Salon World Champions 2010

h. 3.00 We will offer you the real Genoese ice-cream

h. 5.00 Snack at daybreak with typical Genoese focaccia

h. 7.00 - 7.30 group shot with all survivors

Sunday 17th of July
Venue: El Castillo
Address: Passeggiata (promenade) Anita Garibaldi (This little castle is next to the small Nervi harbour, just 800 m from the Collegio Emiliani)

For those of you who want to relax by the sea while waiting for the closing milonga
Special prices for all dancers at the “Bagni Medusa” (Genova Nervi, Passeggiata (promenade) Anita Garibaldi 27/A)

h. 19.00 to 1.00 am. Tam Tam - aperitif at the Castillo
We look forward to enjoying an aperitif with you at the closing milonga
Price: 10€ aperitif and milonga
From the second drink onward: 3.5€


Find all details here:​ument/ucOEmh3O/prenotazion​e.html


We are in Genoa Nervi.
You can reach Nervi by train: get off at Nervi and then walk along Via Oberdan towards the Collegio Emiliani or, even better, take a stroll along the sea side on the Passeggiata (promenade) Anita Garibaldi reaching the small harbour of Nervi and the Collegio Emiliani.

You can reach Nervi by car: the Collegio Emiliani has a parking area, but if you need to leave early we suggest you park outside the Collegio or close to the exit of the parking area.


You can book a room directly in the Collegio Emiliani
• Collegio Emiliani – low prices and possibility to choose B&B, half board or full board).

Via Provana Di Leyni, 15   FULL!!!!
16167 Genova – Nervi (GE)
Giuseppe 3347924820

Tel. +39/010.3202075
Fax. +39/010.3202037
B&B 32€ per person
Half board
- single room 44€ per person
- double room 39€ per person
- three-bed and four-bed rooms 35€ per person
Full board
- single room 54€ per person
- double room 48€ per person
- multiple room ((3/4) 43€ per person

Dinner for non-guests: 15€

There are several other hotels in the area:

• AC – HOTEL ****   Free Rooms !!!!!
Single or double room with breakfast: 75€​58-AC_GENOVA.html

• Hotel ESPERIA ***   Only Single Room and one Double Room
Single room B&B 70€
Double room B&B 90€
This hotel is immersed in green, it offers a free Internet connection and parking. It's close to the station (500 m) and to the Passeggiata (promenade) Anita Garibaldi.
Via Val Cismon 1 - Genova Nervi
Tel. +39/010.321777


Friday, 15 July
h. 18.30 Milonga with Traspie
Saturday, 16 July
h. 18.30 Tango Salon - laps, enrosque, agujas

Sunday 17 July
Perhaps to be confermed

h.18.00-19.30 Vals

1 Lesson 16€
2 Lessons 30€

We want to thank all the people that follow and help us with passion, who support us and believe in the Titango association.
Thanks to all these people we have created and we will continue to create a lot of events in Genoa.
(1st – Bravo TangoFestival2011 at the “Museo del Mare” 17-18-19 November 2011)

A heartfelt thank you

Titango association – Genova

Francesca +39/349.5625969
Massimo +39/334.6839873
Sergio +39/349.3782539
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